Jewels Kalkan L.Ac.






-1st Time Client Deal-

Free Consultation and Either a Discounted First Hour From $65 to $50, or a Complimentary 30 Minutes Added to Any of Our Treatments. Your Choice!

If you're looking to naturally enhance your health and vitality by taking responsibility of your body at home, you've come to the right place. I'll teach you the basics you should have been taught decades ago!

I guide you through Juice Cleanses and Deeper Cleanses of the Colon and Liver. I teach cooking and baking classes. You can continue your education though my Facebook page for ongoing photos, tips and recipes.

I have studied alternative medicine for 25 years. Specialize in Acupuncture, Nutrition, Allergy Elimination, Massage and N.E.T. (Subconscious Issue Resolution). Also offer free presentations on "How to Be Your Own Doctor at Home" regarding Water, Nutrition (specifically on ph levels of Acid/Alkalinity) and Why To Juice. I have videos on my site HOW TO CLEANSE YOUR COLON AND LIVER and others to educate you about how your body works, and what it needs to perform well, along with the natural supplements that I use daily and love. You’ll see why they are the essential core supplements to ensure you attain your weight and health goals! Watch the videos on Water, Nutrition, and the Cleanses.

Ask how to qualify to get Organic Produce at Wholesale if you live in the Flathead Valley!

Check out the Colon and Liver Cleanse Packages which include step-by-step videos and instructions to download for a small fee, and be your own doctor at home today! Understand that 80% of your Immune System is in your Colon, and learn how to keep it functioning well, and to abade diseases! Find out what 3 Natural Supplements are your Digestive Systems BEST FRIENDS!

I’ll invite you to my home to watch live demonstrations by local cooks and bakers on how to make healing and healthy foods, treats, and essential supplements! If YOU ARE someone who wants to share your recipes and talents, call me! We can make a short video and post them on our websites and Facebook pages to share with the world!

Plus I will be facilitating Detox Retreats in Tulum, Mexico a few times a year for 10 days! If you wish to do the Colon and Liver Cleanse in paradise on the Caribbean with tons of support, this is for you!

As a NCCAOM-Certified Professional, I can help you transform your vitality, your image, your diet, your thought patterns and your entire life for the better. I can help you look and feel your best!

To get in touch with me, call 406-249-7651.

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