Jewels Kalkan L.Ac.

About Jewels Kalkan

imageMy name is Jewels Kalkan.

This is my story about how the same techniques I use in my practice literally changed my life. Therefore I felt deeply compelled to study and share them with you, with the intention to literally change your life too!

I'm originally from Tofino and Victoria on Vancouver Island in British Columbia, Canada.

At 15 years old I began studying Nutrition and Massage.

At 17 years I traveled for six years. I rock climbed, kayaked, mountain biked, camped, hiked, and skied. I broke my leg twice playing and later found myself working on the Big Island of Hawaii at a health retreat. A co-worker was wearing latex gloves and eating with a plastic fork and knife. I inquired what in the world he was doing! Clearing his allergies to metals? Fascinated, I took his recommendation to pay a visit to Farangus who soon became my first mentor. She was the first person to clear my chronic conditions through Allergy Elimination and Acupuncture. Back home, Western Doctors had diagnosed me differently, treated me differently and no treatment shifted my ailments, nor healed them!  Farangus’ techniques healed them all in a week! I bowed down and listened up!  I had suffered from continuous chronic ear infections (off and on since childhood) and crippling low back pain (after breaking my leg twice a year prior). I thought I was pregnant every month for one year, and I fell asleep after almost every meal! I was a wreck and no specialist had helped until Farangus.

Farangus is an Acupuncturist specializing in Allergy Elimination and Immune Enhancement. After a week of treatment all my symptoms were resolved. he treatments have convinced that when asking the body questions, answers come loud and clear. This is achieved through “kinesiology”, a technique where you muscle test the patient’s arm while asking the body questions. They either hold their sore spot, or say statements or touch a series of supplements and the body responds with or without strength. More is explained later in this site about each technique. For now, I’m briefly telling you the story of how I came to study these fascinating modalities, of which I’ve become certified and licensed. Each with the intention to help you heal, as I too was healed. Each have profoundly changed my life for the better!

This technique is called N.A.E.T.  I had to became an Acupuncturist which took 4 years so that I could attend seminars and learn this technique. N.A.E.T clears allergies and boosts our immune system and allows us to assimulate nutrition and be strong in our environment.

At 23 years old I began acupuncture school and was introduced to another amazing technique called N.E.T. This one addesses unresolved subconscious emotions. For the next two years I took 22 seminars which included nutrition and learned advanced levels in each of these.

I then taught Alkalizing Cooking and Nutrition Classes for 2 years. I was introduced to a Medical Water Device from Japan that produces Alkalized Water. Virus’, Bacteria, Parasites, Candida and Cancer all thrive in an Acidic Environment within our bodies, so it’s critical to not allow these invaders to get comfortable within. We must be slightly Alkaline, and this requires tons and tons of Greens, which most don’t consume, so the water is an Easy Solution!

Now I’m facilitating Guided Juice Cleanses and Deeper Cleansing of the Colon and Liver.

I also offer Organic Produce at Wholesale weekly, but you must qualify. Ask me how!

My dream for years has been to Facilitate Detox Retreats in Mexico, which will begin this Aug!

I presently reside and provide services in Whitefish, MT.